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Billionaire Peter Bois is thrust back nearly 200 years onto the deck of a Nantucket whaleship where he faces danger, storms, and the harsh reality of 19th-century whaling. A thrilling quest for redemption through time, Garth Jeffries' debut novel captivates with a gripping narrative of sacrifice and second chances. An Amazon category best seller.

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The long awaited second novel from Garth Jeffries, NOT ALL BODIES STAY BURIED is again set on Nantucket and tells the story of Jack Reiner, a wealthy and respected member of Nantucket society who is also an abusive husband and a serial killer. Jack learns the painful lesson that not all bodies - or secrets - stay buried.


The long awaited second novel from Garth Jeffries, NOT ALL BODIES STAY BURIED takes us back to Nantucket for a thrilling yet frightening tale.

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An aspiring author, Rob McGlynn, arrives during the off-season. He and his wife had dreamed of vacationing on the lovely island but devastating circumstances led to him visiting in her memory instead. The small village where he had rented a cottage was supposed to be quiet, the perfect escape. But flickers in the shadows, voices in the night, and unexpected dreams disrupt his solitude.  Blaming his grief for the disturbances, Rob pushed aside his concerns and focused instead on starting his first novel.  


Befriending a neighbor, she shares a secret with Rob that turns his world on its head. Neither she nor the quiet village are what they appear to be. There is a malevolent force loose on the island and

she needs Rob's help to expose it.  Somehow his new friend has first hand knowledge of it all. And she wants payback.


Rob’s quiet retreat turns into an unexpected confrontation as he learns the evil secret of a wealthy and respected member of Nantucket society. But a stranger to locals, Rob’s efforts only manage to arouse suspicions with the police about his intentions and question how he knows things he really shouldn't.   


In this fast paced and engaging thriller, the thin veil between the living and the dead unravels, revealing the terrifying lesson that NOT ALL BODIES STAY BURIED.

Available in soft cover and eBook formats wherever you get your books.

Embark on a riveting journey through time with STARBUCK, NANTUCKET REDEMPTION, Garth's Jeffries' debut novel and a category bestseller. Peter Bois, one of the wealthiest men on Nantucket, seems to have it all-except for life's true treasures—family, community, and generosity.

Everything changes during a fateful beach picnic with his family. Caught in a riptide, Peter is thrust back nearly two centuries onto the deck of a Nantucket whaleship.

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The opulence of his former life vanishes, replaced by the harsh reality of 19th-century whaling. Now a greenhand, Peter must navigate dangerous seas, battle storms and pursue whales, stripped of his privilege and grappling with the challenges of a bygone era.

His only ally? A crewman who bears an uncanny resemblance to his long-dead best friend, offering a glimmer of hope amid the perils of the past.

STARBUCK, NANTUCKET REDEMPTION unfolds as a thrilling, fast-paced adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Join 

Peter in his quest for survival as he strives to return to the future where he can reunite with his family and right his many wrongs. A captivating and engaging tale, this novel immerses readers in a gripping narrative of one man's extraordinary journey - and redemption - through time.

Available in soft cover and eBook formats wherever you get your books.


Garth Jeffries has had a passion for creative writing for as long as he can remember. His first short story, at the age of nine, got a five-star review from his mother! But a career in writing was not initially in the cards for Garth, and he pursued a career in marketing to not only pay the bills but provide an outlet for his creative writing ambitions. 

During his thirty-plus year career, he made multiple attempts to kickstart his novel, and despite exploring numerous storylines, life and career were always there to get in the way. But a few years ago Garth found himself “retired” and rather than looking for a new job decided instead to focus on that life-long dream. The result was Garth's first book,  STARBUCK, NANTUCKET REDEMPTION, which ultimately became a category bestseller.



That success encouraged Garth to pursue NOT ALL BODIES STAY BURIED, a supernatural thriller that looks at a different, darker side of Nantucket. ​

He is actively working on his next Nantucket thriller about the mysterious death of a local and targeting a fall 2024 release. 

Garth was raised on the East Coast and spent his first summer on Nantucket in 1965 and still spends several months on the island each year. When on the mainland, you can find him in the Kansas City metropolitan area with his wife of 36 years.

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