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Starbuck, Nantucket Redemption

Peter Bois is a billionaire and a summer resident of the exclusive island of Nantucket. He is also a man who is used to doing what he wants regardless of the consequences. 


But that all changes during a day at the beach with his estranged family.  Sucked under by a riptide, the arrogant and condescending businessman is thrust back nearly two hundred years, landing on the deck of a Nantucket whaleship. 


Proof that fate can have a sense of humor.


The world he knew was gone: his thriving company, his demanding wife, his beloved Nantucket family home, his jet, his privileged life. All are far in the future and out of his grasp.


Catapulted into the dangerous and demanding world of 19th-century whaling, Peter is no longer a one-percenter but a greenhand, clueless to life aboard and ignorant to what is expected of him. Struggling to survive the brutal conditions of a whaleship, he must confront his new reality and come to grips with life nearly two centuries in the past as the ship pursues whales and battles storms thousands of miles out to sea. His goal? Survive long enough to figure out how to get back to his own time and back to where he can reunite with his family and right his many wrongs.


In this engaging and innovative debut novel, Garth Jeffries delivers a thrilling, fast-paced adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat.


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Garth Jeffries has had a passion for creative writing for as long as he can remember. But a career in writing was not initially in the cards for Garth, and he pursued a career in marketing to not only pay the bills but provide an outlet for his creative writing ambitions. 


During his thirty-plus year career, he made multiple attempts to kickstart his novel, and despite exploring numerous storylines, life and career were always there to get in the way of its successful completion. But last year, Garth found himself “retired” and rather than looking for a new job decided instead to focus on that life-long dream. The result is Starbuck Nantucket Redemption, a novel that combines his love of Nantucket, history, and the importance of giving back. 


Garth is actively working on his next novel, The Winter Residentswhich will also be based on Nantucket. He is targeting an early 2023 release. Click here to download a sample. 

Raised on the East Coast, he now lives in the Kansas City metropolitan area with his wife of 34 years.


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